“My sessions with Corissa had such a transformational impact on my writing that now I see my career in terms of BC and AC (Before Corissa and After Corissa).”

Claire Cooper, freelance copywriter

Claire's journey

“In my early years as a copywriter, I relied too much on instinct and frequently fell into the trap of prioritising cutesy wordplay over strategy and persuasion. Meeting Corissa [when we worked together at Front Of The Pack] changed all this.

She introduced me to new writing formulas and walked me through a few simple steps to instantly boost the readability of my copy. Together, these practices have helped bring a whole new level of structure and clarity to my work and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them today.

The other great gift Corissa gave me was that of customer empathy. She showed me that when I took the time to know my customer on a deeper level, the more effectively I’d be able to convert them. Part of me always knew this, but Corissa gave me the tools to actually make it happen.

Having Corissa as a coach was one of the best professional growth experiences of my life. Thanks to her, I now understand that copywriting isn’t just an art, it’s also a science, and my writing it so much better for it. For any marketing professionals looking for a way to invest in themselves or in their teams, this is it!”

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