Struggling to get results from your writing?

You’re probably not asking the right questions.

That's why I created Copy Brief Coach. In Q&A format, it will guide you through the things you need to think about to improve your shot at success.

🔗 Open the Copy Brief Coach training template

It's oh-so-tempting to just start writing...

I know. Copywriting feels like it should be easy, doesn't it? After all, if you're reading this, you can put words on a page, technically speaking.

But the truth is – outside of writing to friends and family – effective communication is an iceberg. The words you see on the surface are held up by tons of invisible effort that's been put in beforehand.

You need to think through what you're doing, who for, why, and how. In detail.

I learned this the hard way over 10+ years working with companies of all shapes and sizes. From startups to corporates, in industries from insurance to dog food to corporate recruitment. And now I've boiled it all down into a template you can use for free.

“Honestly it's both amazing, but so painful 😂. Really enjoyed it, and definitely got me thinking. Liked this question specifically, had to really get in the customers shoes: 'Picture this person coming across your piece of work while they’re out and about. Then later, over dinner with a flatmate/friend/partner/dog, they say, I saw an interesting thing today, it was about…'." – Ahmed T, Product Manager at Kounteq

How to use the Copy Brief Coach training template

1. Pick a piece of work in your to-do list that you’d like to practise on. An article, an email, a landing page… something you want to do a really great job of.

2. Carve out 90 minutes of hardcore focus time. Make sure you won’t lose power. Copy Brief Coach lives in a Google Form, so the functionality is basic. (Need to come back to it later? You’ll find an option to “save progress + quit”.)

3. Work through each of the questions in order, following the prompts. In as much detail as you can. Rambling encouraged. (You can choose to get your answers emailed to you if you like.)

🔗 Open the Copy Brief Coach training template

Want to to check you’ve covered all bases once you’re done?

As a standalone, the Copy Brief Coach training template will help you get significantly better results from your writing. Without dropping a dollar.

Worried you’ve missed something critical, or have a hunch your answers could be clearer? I offer an expert review of your responses for £147+VAT. ****(You’ll see the the steps for booking it in once you’ve finished filling in the Q&A.)